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Residential Communities

Resorts & Hotels

Business Offices

Medical Centers & Clinics
(Abortion Clinics Are Excluded)

Car Dealerships

Warehousing Companies

Commercial Lots & Garages

Retail Shopping Centers

Universities & Colleges


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Bar Code Scanning & Guard Tracking

We offer an intuitive web application that allows us and to quickly configure and deploy smart bar-code scanning mobile apps for our security guards to capture and collect data, and record coordinates.

Patrol Vehicle

We offer patrol vehicle services to our clients as an optional feature. Our vehicles are professional and stand out during late hours; a perfect deterrent!

Body Cameras

We offer police grade body camera as an option to our clients. Our body cameras are waterproof, night vision, and
rugged for durability.



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Polo Security Top

High visibility black polo security tops with gold lettering on the front and back are issued to each guard. The high visibility lettering is perfect for low light areas where visibility is diminished.

Khaki BDU Pants

Our staff wear professional premium
Khaki BDU pants that are comfortable, wrinkle, fade,
and shrink resistant; BDU pants are designed to provide a para-military professional appearance.


Military Boots/ Shoes (Black)

Guards are required to wear comfortable, supportive, and non-slip black boots or shoes at all times. Quality footwear is encouraged to prevent injury, increase adequate foot patrol, and provide support while dealing with situations.


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