Estimated Bill Rates

Unarmed Guard

Starting @ $22.24 ea. per hr

*Tax Not Included

Armed Guard

Starting @ $22.82 ea. per hr

*Tax Not Included


Important Details

Shelter: Clients must provide adequate shelter, bathrooms, and break rooms for provided security personnel.

Federal Holiday: Clients are responsible for paying security personnel for recognized holidays at a time and a half rate.

Insurance Modifications: Clients are responsible for all increased costs due to requested changes to insurance coverage needed to provide services.

Payment Terms: Upon commencement of security services at the designated worksite, an initial invoice will be issued to the client. Invoices shall be satisfied by electronic payment or mailed check. Clients will be credited for posts that are not covered due to staffing issues and unforeseen circumstances that prevent the presence of provided security personnel.

Alcohol & Drug Consumption Disclaimer: Upon acknowledgment regarding the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages on contracted premises, security service contracts will be immediately subject to contract termination or re-negotiation. Any form of illegal activity will immediately void any and all contracts with North America Security Associates LLC.

Contract Cancellation: Clients are permitted to cancel an agreement with North America Security Associates llc upon a 90 day notice via certified mail.


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