Estimated Costs

The provided estimated rates are subject to change based on risk
factors following a free site inspection.

Unarmed Guard

Starting @ $21.65 ea. per hr

*Tax Not Included

Armed Guard

Starting @ $22.82 ea. per hr

*Tax Not Included

Security Vehicle (Optional)

$1,075 ea. per hr

*Tax Included

Body Cameras (Optional)

$175 ea. per hr

*Tax Included

Our billing rates are estimated at the above rates because we aim
to provide you with guards who have military and law enforcement backgrounds.

Most importantly, we always strive to invest in our guards by providing
them with quality uniforms, pay raises, and offering them reasonable health insurance coverages.


Contract Terms

Clients must provide golf carts (If Needed), adequate shelter, bathrooms, and a break room for provided security personnel.

Guard pay Rates

  • Unarmed security guards are paid at a rate of $14 to $16 per hr; this rate comes out of the billing rate.

  • Armed security guards are paid at a rate of $15 to $17 per hr; this rate comes out of the billing rate.


  • Clients are responsible for paying security personnel for 10 federal holidays at a time and a half rate.

  1. New Year's Day

  2. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday

  3. George Washington's Birthday

  4. Memorial Day

  5. Independence Day

  6. Labor Day

  7. Columbus Day

  8. Veterans Day

  9. Thanksgiving Day

  10. Christmas Day

Cost of Living Rates

  • An annual 3% billing rate increase will apply for 3 years to cover increased operational expenses. After 3 years, bill rate increases are negotiated.

Payment Terms

  • Invoices shall be satisfied by electronic payment or mailed check 2 weeks in advance prior to the commencement of services.


  • Upon acknowledgment regarding the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages on contracted premises, security service contracts will be immediately subject to contract termination or re-negotiation. Any form of illegal activity will immediately void any and all contracts with North America Security Associates LLC.

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