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How to Become a Florida... Unarmed & Armed Security Guard

Unarmed Security Guard Requirements in Florida:

To begin your career as an unarmed security guard in Florida, you must become licensed by the Florida Department of Agriculture. Unarmed security guard requirements in Florida are below. Applicants must:

  • be a U.S. citizen or legal resident with an issued social security number

  • be at least 18 years of age

  • submit to fingerprinting

  • successfully complete class D and 40-hour security guard training

  • submit a notarized application to the Florida Division of Licensing

  • submit two passport-style photos

Classroom training for the class D unarmed security guard license will include topics such as legal issues, proper emergency response, patrol procedures, and more.

Armed Security Guard Requirements in Florida:

To become an armed security guard in Florida, you first complete state-required armed security guard training to be hired by a licensed agency. Your armed license must be renewed every two years. Armed security guard requirements in Florida include:

  • must be at least 21 years old

  • must file an application with the division

  • submission of a fingerprint set on a standard FBI fingerprint card

  • must not have been convicted of any felony and/or misdemeanor involving theft, drug offenses, or moral turpitude

  • must successfully complete the state-required 28-hour armed training course

Some of the topics to be covered in the training course include:

  • Firearm safety and mechanics

  • Fundamentals of shooting

  • Civil liability and use of force

  • Use of deadly force

  • Handgun marksmanship

  • Care and maintenance of firearms

  • Other required armed security guard training

Each year, licensees must also submit proof that he or she has received a minimum of four hours of firearms re-certification training and complied with any other health and training requirements.


Licensing Body: Florida Department of Agriculture, Florida Division of Licensing


Law: Florida State Statutes Chapter 493: Florida Division of LicensingFlorida State Statutes Chapter 790Florida State Statutes Chapter 776

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